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Wahiawa Kajukenbo
"Tony Ramos

Wahiawa Kajukenbo "Tony Ramos Method" is an extension of the original Wahiawa Kajukenbo dojo in Hawaii, created by the late Ahgung Tony Ramos. His son, Grand Master Anthony "Tony" Ramos, is now carrying the tradition with his family, daughter Sije Adylina Ramos-Ancheta, son Sibak Anthony "Sonny" Ramos and son Christopher Ramos. The school was brought to Suisun in 2002 operating out of the Joseph Nelson Community center for 12 years. Since, then they have taught numerous amounts of students the art of Kajukenbo, the meaning of Ohana and carrying the legacy of the Ramos families dedication to Kajukenbo.

Kajukenbo, created in Hawaii in the 40's is a combination of styles of martial art including: Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Kenpo, Boxing and Gung Fu. Great for kids and parents alike with a focus on respect, discipline and perseverance along with health, fitness and traditional martial art. 

Sabre JiuJitsu

Train4Life has partnered with SABRE Jiu Jisu Academy.


Established June 2014.  Located on 930 Detroit Ave, Suite F. Concord, CA 94518.  Offering Brazilian JiuJitsu (Gi and NoGi), Wrestling, Judo for Adults and Kids.  First class is always free,  Please contact the academy to schedule your first class. 

We are also honored to be part of the We Defy Foundation, Through Brazilian JiuJitsu and fitness training we help provide combat veterans suffering from life-disabling injuries and/or PTSD a long term means to overcome their challenges.

Bang Judo

At T4L our judo classes are instructed by Sensei Bambang Tandjung, Sensei Dan Hshieh and Sensei Josh Hshieh. Judo is a martial art that consists of takedowns, throws, trips and joint locks. More of a standing form of grappling to off balance an opponent to take them down and dominate them from a top position.  Judo is a traditional style of martial arts taught in a Gi and students can progress through the ranks in efforts to achieve a blackbelt level. Bang Judo is also a great form of self defense against a larger person where, technique, leverage and balance all come into play. Please attend a class and see if Judo can help you.



Boxing at T4L is for everyone, no matter what your experience level. A mixture of fitness for boxing and boxing technique. This class is a favorite amongst fighters as well as non fighters for the variety of workouts and techniques. You will learn the "sweet science" of boxing, get fit enough to go 12 rounds and build confidence in yourself. More than boxing it is also created to assist you with learning proper self defense techniques should you ever need to defend yourself in a real life situation. 



T4L Kickboxing class is structured like the T4L boxing class. The difference is that it will be adding kicking, elbow and knee techniques along with boxing. There is a variety of different fitness and kickboxing techniques that you will learn. If you want to learn how to be a well rounded stand up fighter this class is for you. You will learn not only technique but build confidence in yourself as well. You will be ready to also  defend yourself and use a combination of techniques and strikes to take down a potential attacker. 

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The MMA class was created by Anthony "Sonny" Ramos for the people interested in learning the ins and outs of MMA. Previously an MMA fighter himself and heach coach of Nobody MMA since 2011. MMA is all about blending all styles and techniwues of all martial arts from striking on the feet to submission grappling and everything in between. The class is for intermediate-advanced martial artists looking to blend their own foundation of fighting along with a progressive style of MMA. The class will go over all aspects of fighting and will have a wide variety of fight conditioning and fighting techniques. This class will include the fighters of Nobody MMA and if you are willing to learn, stay open minded and work really hard, you are welcome to join us. If you want to eventually be an MMA fighter this class is perfect for you.  

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