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The Train 4 Life(T4L) Center is a 3500 sqft facility that houses several forms of training for the entire family that helps you prepare for the unpredictability of life by focusing on a healthy mind, body and spirit. Everybody has their reasons why they want to live; maybe its for their children, their family or the experience but whatever the reason may be you must first be prepared for the obstacles, barriers and set-backs that life comes with. Thats why T4L is here for you, to help you prepare for your lifes journey by strengthing your mind, body and spirit through the proper training of martial arts, fitness and nutrition. Are you prepared for life? What have you done to prepare? Why do you Train 4 Life? 

Explore life without fear of the unknown because your are prepared for it. #T4L

​Martial Arts Training Center

At the T4L Center we have several forms of Martial Art for children and adults alike to choose, combine or train them all! We have traditional styles and non-traditional styles to fit what you are looking for weither its self defense, discipline, learning an art, cardio conditioning or all them combined.

They styles of Martial Arts training are:


-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


-Muay Thai Kickboxing 



Fitness Training Center

Here at T4L we have many Fitness Training classes available to meet your needs and what suits your favorite way to train. We have knowledgeable certified trainers that will help you reach your goals.

T4L Center offers the following Fitness Training Classes:

-Personal training

-Small group training



-Boot Camps

Weight Training Center

The T4L Center has a personalized Weight Training Center for you to focus on strength, toning, cardio conditioning and weight loss. The options are limited to you or your trainers creativity to get you the best strength training possible.

T4L Center has the following weight training equipment:


-Weight bench

-Bench press

-Cross Cable Machine

-Kettle Bells


-Push Sled

-Leg Press


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