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Train 4 Life Competition Teams


T4L has many avenues for all ages, skill levels and disciplines to compete in. Take a look a come brief descriptions of the teams you can compete with, follow or just be a fan of. If you are interested in competing in any of the following teams please speak with your respective coach/instructor.

Kajukenbo Competition

The Wahiawa Kajukenbo (WK) sport karate team currently competes in martial arts tournaments throughout California. Primarily, focusing on the youth martial artists to get actively competing, learning how to present their skill in a pressure setting and undersstanding that hard work can get you through anything. All students from beginners to advanced can compete at their respected levels of martial arts. If you or your child is interested in competing please contact us. 

Sabre BJJ Grapling Team

Established June 2014.  Located on 930 Detroit Ave, Suite F. Concord, CA 94518.  Offering Brazilian JiuJitsu (Gi and NoGi), Wrestling, Judo for Adults and Kids.  First class is always free,  Please contact the academy to schedule your first class. 

We are also honored to be part of the We Defy Foundation, Through Brazilian JiuJitsu and fitness training we help provide combat veterans suffering from life-disabling injuries and/or PTSD a long term means to overcome their challenges.

Nobody MMA
Fight Team

Nobody MMA was created by cousins/instructors/coaches Sonny Ramos and Brandon Umipig in 2012. They themselves previously sport karate competitors transition into full contact MMA competition in the mid 2000's. Recognizing the huge amount of talent and potention in the solano county area, they decided to be the beacon and guide for this talent to showcase their skills at the amatuer and professional ranks of competition. If you are interested in more information about MMA competition of attending an event please contact us.

Bang Judo

Bang Judo is coached by Sensei Bambang Tandjung, Sensei Dan Hshieh and Sensei Josh Hsheih. Competitions happen locally and around the state. T4L is certified to compete with USA JUDO and United States Judo Federation (USJF). If you are interested in competing in JUDO please feel free to contact us and join our club.

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