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Train 4 Life Classes


T4L offers a variety of martial arts, fitness and nutritional classes. Our goal is to provide something for everyone at every level. You are welcome to take one class, a combination of classes or all of them. To get a better idea of what each class can offer you please follow the yellow buttons below.



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Martial Arts

Martial Art is Life. Once a student understands that simple fact he/she is impacted in a positive manner for the rest of their life.  With that knowledge many students become teachers to continue the same impact on others lives. This trend continues over lifetimes and gets passed on through the generations. Martial Art is not only about fighting, it is about understanding the nature of fighting in all aspects whether it may be a physical fight, a verbal fight, avoiding a fight a fight within ones self or a fights for ones life. Once an individual learns how to fight, he/she learns how not to fight. It is a delicate balance of life, an ever evolving self exploration that leads to enlightenment.


Fitness is essential to Living. Once an individual understands this he/she is impacted in a postive manner for the duration of their life. With that knowledge they want to inform their family, friends and neighbors which positively impacts the lives of those individuals. Unfortunately, many individuals only understand this when their health is already deteriorated or depleting. Fortunately, because of advances in technology and health enviornments  the awareness of health and fitness is becoming more and more prevelant in our society. Health and fitness is the best form of health insurance. T4L is in the health and fitness industry to create this awareness, offer classes and instruction to have a long healthy and prosperous life.


T4L Center is now carrying the worlds BEST nutritional and wellness supplement, ZEAL. This product contains 30+ ingredients blended together to give you energy, suppress your appetite, clarity of mind, weight loss and so much more! Please follow the link for more information and speak with our nutritional advisors to discuss how you can Zeal for Life!!


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